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Personal Injury

An Orlando personal injury attorney can represent you in any situation where you have been hurt due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another individual, a company, or even a government employee or agency.


The United States of America is an incredible place full of opportunities to study, work, and build a family. As an immigrant herself, Amal takes great pride in being able to assist those seeking to immigrate to America.

Client Reviews

Five Stars reviews from clients of Orlando Attorney Amal Laassel

When no one would take my case, she did, and stayed the course to the finish. At one point the case looked dead, and again, she put in another try, and it was then settled! Had it not been for her diligence, things would have been definitely different. I recommend Amal to anyone needing an attorney, who will stay true to the end, and will do it with kindness and efficiency. She was amazingly thorough and organized. Call Amal if you need someone to do what needs to be done, in an efficient way.

Five Stars reviews from clients of Orlando Attorney Amal Laassel

If you are looking for a dedicated, highly skilled, tenacious, engaged, professional attorney, look no further, Amal Laassel is this and more. Amal impressed us the minute she introduced herself and made a house call. Always accessible, she answered all questions thoroughly, and committed herself to our case where other ADVERTISED attorney firms denied their service because they simply felt we had no case...read more

Five Stars reviews from clients of Orlando Attorney Amal Laassel

My husband hired Amal to represent him during his immigration case -- she is amazing, and we would recommend her to anyone. She spent dedicated time on our application to ensure it was flawless before it was submitted, thoroughly prepared us for and walked us through each part of the process, and always made herself accessible to us -- she even met with us for two hours while she was on vacation to give us one last preparation before the big day!!...read more

Five Stars reviews from clients of Sarasota luxury home builder Murray Homes

I hired Amal Laassel after i got married so to get my permanent residence. She did such an awesome job I was impressed about how meticulous she is, she made sure everything was perfect before submitting and always gave more that enough time to welcome me at her office and answer my questions, also I was very satisfied with how fast her service is as like replying to the emails. all the process took way shorter than it normally does or from which I was expecting. Thank you Amal!...read more

Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

Representing clients injured by a number of causes incliding, including auto accidents, unsafe working conditions, exposure to hazardous materials, defective products, neglect, medical malpractice and many more.

Immigration Attorney Serving Orlando

Lassell Law offers clients help with green cards, visa, deportation issues and more. We have worked hard on a number of immigration cases with the primary goal of keeping families together. We understand immigration laws and the circumstances that may be affecting your family.

Get Help Immigrating To Florida

Attorney Amal Laassel understands immigration decisions have a huge impact on you and your families future. As sush we are determined to go after the best legal option and to guide your case through the right government agencies.

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